About Fin Free

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Fin Free is a global campaign addressing a very real issue: the mass slaughter of sharks for shark fin soup.

We believe that by enabling youth, communities and businesses to take action against shark finning, we can work to protect the health of the oceans and ensure a more sustainable, livable planet.

Fin Free is a grassroots, community-oriented campaign providing tools and resources to the public to make a stand for sharks in their community.

Our greatest strength is collaboration, that is why this is an open-source campaign. Being open-source, anyone can use our logo and toolkits, start their own chapter, and build this movement, as long as they adhere to our guiding principals and equality statement.

If we are to succeed, this must be a movement powered by the people. Throughout history, the greatest acts of change have been sparked by ordinary people taking action that results in mass movements. This is our time to do the same for sharks and ocean health. All manner of efforts are required to bring about this change. Everyone can make a difference in their own way.

Together we will turn the tides for sharks.

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