Fin Free Pledge

Take the Fin Free pledge online here or download and print the Fin Free Pledge to share with your family or community.

I pledge to go  by

Never consuming or purchasing shark products  

Avoiding restaurants that have shark fin soup or other shark dishes on the menu, and raising the issue with them in a positive and encouraging manner

Refusing to support businesses that sell shark products including meat, fins, jaws, teeth, cartilage, gill rakers, and squalene oil and make the reasons for my lack of support known to the managers, again addressing the issues from a positive, balanced perspective

Developing a voice on the issue in my community. I will spread awareness, online and/or offline, sharing knowledge on shark conservation, their true behaviours, their importance to the environment, and their looming extinction

Not targeting any specific culture, ethnicity or race, but rather, how we can work together on the conservation issue itself. I understand that shark finning is a global issue with global consequences

Encouraging my friends and family to take this pledge, and supporting them in upholding it

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