Go Fin Free

Think you can only save sharks by being on the front lines? Think again. You can help protect sharks from your own city or town. Take these top ten easy actions to help make the world Fin Free:

1) Take our Fin Free Pledge
Declare to the world that you are Fin Free and join the movement to save sharks.

2) Do not consume or purchase shark – it’s dangerous
This isn’t just for the sharks’ health – it’s for yours. Shark meat (including fins) carries warnings due to its high mercury levels from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the World Health Organization. If you want to know more about mercury found in shark products, read our factsheet Mercury in Sharks.

3) Be an aware, informed consumer
Know what you are buying. Shark isn’t just found in shark fin soup. Shark steaks or meat are found in imitation crab, lobster or shrimp and in white fish, rock salmon or others. Shark is relabeled as other types of fish, hidden from consumers. For a complete list of shark products, read our factsheet Shark Products: Overview.

4) Take your business elsewhere
Do not support any restaurant or store that sells shark products or shark fin soup and inform them of your concerns. Educate them about why you are making this choice and ask them to go Fin Free. See our Fin Free restaurant letter and business petition form.

5) Support the cause
Join, be proud and donate to Fin Free. We need your support to ensure the survival of sharks and protect the health of the oceans and ourselves. Or show your support, represent the cause by purchasing Fin Free and United Conservationists gear and apparel. Alternatively, you can volunteer to start or join a chapter.

6) Think About Going Fish Free
Can you take all fish out of your diet? Since over ½ of the tens of millions of sharks caught yearly are by-catch, and all of the oceans commercial fisheries are headed for collapse in a few short decades, we encourage you if you decide to end eating anything from the seas. Or, consider choosing to reduce your consumption of fish, and follow the SeaChoice or Seafood Watch guides when choosing what you eat for the health of the oceans.

7) Spread the Word
Increase your Shark IQ by downloading our factsheets. Learn more, then teach others. Host a local screening of Sharkwater, then a have discussion afterwards.

8) Keep sharks out of your cosmetics
Never use any products (including makeup, lotions and deodorants) that contain Squalene – shark liver oil. To take a step further, we encourage you to only buy cruelty free cosmetics.

9) Develop a voice
Be heard. Blog, Facebook post, Tweet, write articles, appeal to media outlets and add your voice: help dispel the myths.

10) Make your vote count
Even if you aren’t living in country that is heavily consuming sharks, chances are your country is part of the problem. The US and many countries in the EU are responsible for catching more sharks than most other countries in the world. Support legislation that stops shark fishing, protects shark habitats, and ends overfishing. It’s not just about the sharks – it’s about the oceans and the sustainability of our planet.

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